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              Dongguan City Sanfeng Precision Glass Technology Co.,Ltd

              Dongguan City Sanfeng Precision Glass Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2003, is a private enterprise that focuses on the design, production and sales of flat toughened glass and curved toughened (strengthened) glass, such as electrical glass, lighting glass, household appliances glass, electronic glass, solar tempered glass, optical glass and LED glass. After more than ten years of development, the company's products are widely used in a variety of electrical appliances, lighting and optical instruments and solar energy products. The products include electric oven glass, fruit tray curved toughened glass, step toughened glass, diving mirror glass, electronic scale glass, borosilicate toughened glass, touch screen glass, computer protection screen glass, LOW-E glass, audio glass, DVD glass, TV bottom glass, photocopier glass, scanner glass, fax machine glass, LED photoelectric glass and air conditioner panel glass, solar photovoltaic toughened glass, valve glass, water meter glass and high precision optical glass.

              Dongguan City Sanfeng Precision Glass Technology Co.,Ltd

              Intelligent household appliances glass

              Sanfeng glass specializes in producing all kinds of sweeper glass, intelligent door lock glass, touch panel glass, intelligent gas stove glass, electric oven glass, microwave oven glass, etc.


              Lighting Glass

              Sanfeng glass specializes in customized lighting glass, lighting glass, timely delivery, high quality and efficiency, widely praised. Lighting glass main lawn lights, LED lights and other models of lamp glass.


              Wash the wall lamp glass

              Use of architectural decoration lighting


              Computer Case Glass

              Computer Case Glass


              New Products

              Professional manufacturer of home appliance glass, lighting glass ect. 13609680635


              TEL:13600254562 0769-83260425 / 83260426  Fax:0769-83260406 

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